I have taken a keen interested in art and visual communication since secondary school where I was given access to black and white photography processing and a video camera in conjunction with a series of artist led workshops. These workshops inspired me greatly, through the performance creation process and the dawning realisation that you could make a career as an Artist, although to quote my favourite teacher Andrea Parry ‘it would not be the easy option’.

I grew up in Sheffield where there is a strong heritage of D.I.Y. electronic music and culture. I played the drums in two teenage bands and as the boom of the 1990’s progressed I was heavily influenced by new electronic music from local labels and artists such as Warp Records. The first wave of digital art festivals became a highlight in my calendar, Lovebytes in particular brought inspiring artists to exhibit and develop creative work in the city.

My first jobs were in catering, from a small 1930’s themed tea room to large scale outdoor festival service. At Glastonbury Festival over a number of years we built our kitchen and served healthy food to the Green Futures Field crew and the public. From catering through stewarding to stage management at a large range of events I gained experience and a depth of knowledge to produce my own concepts.

In 1999 I took on my first nightclub residency, working every week to provide projections, branding and lighting for the house music promotion Scuba. We hosted many UK and world touring DJ’s and live performers for a very successful five years. Alongside the weekly nightclub we also produced special one off events in large venues such as Sheffield City Hall Ballroom and the now defunct National Centre for Popular Music.

I completed a Degree in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University in 2002. Here I worked extensively with video and film, shooting with 8mm/16mm and specialising in digital video production. During the course I formed an Audiovisual collaboration with Justin Randell using software built using the Max/MSP/Jitter modular programming environment. We performed at a selection of events and provided media production services to clients including the Community Media Association.

Following graduation I continued working with Sheffield based artists and musicians, performing live visuals at shows around the UK, this developed into production and direction of music videos which were seen on TV in the UK and Europe. I also honed my teaching and community media production skills delivering multiple projects within schools, youth service and independent community groups.

In 2008 I moved to London where I helped to push the development of the Jammin’ Crew Collective. We programmed and promoted events featuring DJ’s, visual art, performance, live bands and lots of extra special treats. We worked in venues large and small, providing opportunities for up and coming artists as well as famous names. From this artist network came the invitation to create and perform for events at the Southbank Centre and Tate Galleries, my chosen freelance career was on track. I have had the pleasure to work with some exceptionally talented people, collaborate with some of my favourite artists and organisations whom I greatly respect.

Between 2012 and 2015 I was one of the organisers of the VJ London events helping to build it into a successful monthly performance showcase. In 2015 I instigated the establishment of Splice Festival, a festival of audio visual performance. I brought together the team, technically produced and co-directed this much needed outlet for creative practitioners from 2016 to 2018. We staged three successful festivals as a partner in the E.U. funded AV node network with huge support from Arts Council England, lots of industry partners and an amazing array of talented artists from around the world.