Dome Projections in Delhi

Deepvisual called me up to be on the team for this exciting opportunity to fly out to India for 10 days and get to grips with an enormous dome. What adventures lay ahead?
I had done quite a bit of dome theory before but this was another league. 18 huge projectors and everything that entailed. There was a lot to learn. Gladly I was in good company, it was the first time I had worked alongside Richard Bagshaw of Digital Insanity and the talentented programmer Lawrence Ryan of 360 flicks who used software from 7th Sense Design.

We arrived to find the dome being assembled in a muddy field, not the best thing for a giant white projection screen…

That mud led to a big slip in the schedule…but the dome went up eventually and the gargantuan task of ‘cleaning’ some of the mud off ensued as we began installing the projectors.

We got it all cabled up and lined up after a few very long sweaty days and finished with hours to spare at four A.M. the night before show day.

Photo by Richard Bagshaw

We were just getting to sleep in our hotel rooms when the phone rang at 6am. Someone had put a nail through an electricity cable! We arrived on site to find two projectors blown and unuseable, we had to find a way to fill the gaps…and quick. A call went out and two underpowered projectors arrived by about lunchtime and we did our best, not perfect but holes plugged.

I rendered out some 2k pixel square videos of space and galaxies from some Quartz Composer patches I had hanging around, it was great so see content I produced with particle systems (and the addition of some Nasa image downloads) on such an impressive canvas.

I hope the millionaire couple who were to be wed are still happy. This was just the engagement party!