Public Health Suffolk

I worked in partnership with Suffolk County Council’s health improvement facilitator Imogen Sherwood as part of the ‘Suffolk How AreYou?’ campaign to create eye catching projections at three seasonal events in the county.
The projections were the highlight of the campaign which included extensive community outreach, traditional advertising, local Radio, TV and printed media. The campaign focussed on healthy eating, exercise and outdoor activities with the aim of improving public health and encouraging active lifestyles.
I created site specific projections which were displayed during the Christmas light switch on events in three towns. The site in Ipswich Corn Exchange was a prime location for an architectural projection mapping. I employed the talents of Gary Mellor at Blue Spec Media to help me with the large amount of After Effects animation.

Identity Check Documentary

I was contacted by Rickin Patel from to help give some spit and polish to the rough cut of this feature length documentary which he was producing. The important subject matter and quality of the material made for a challenging but rewarding job. I wanted to cut it down to 30 minutes as it is longer than the average viewer may wish for but it would have required a big restructuring.
I worked alongside editor Bhavesh Hindocha from who did the bulk of the work while I concentrated on image grading.

Splice Festival

In 2015 I was sacked from a job, dumped by my girlfriend and also given notice to leave where I was living, all within a week. Pretty bleak. I decided to turn all of that negativity into something positive, distracting and useful!

I wanted to realise a long held dream of organising an audiovisual festival. Initial plans were conconcted and emails went out to the people whom I wanted to help make it a reality. After a year of hard work and commitment from a small team of directors with huge contributions from the community of artists and volunteers Splice Festival was first staged from the 3rd to the 5th June 2016:

and one year later:

The final year of my involvement:

I remain very proud of what we created together and hope to see something rise from the ashes post covid.

The Eve Of Tomorrow Ball

The Boom Boom Club and White Mischief got in touch asking for a video to be produced for their opulent Steampunk Time Machine themed New Years Eve party at Bloomsbury Ballroom. The actors played out a conversation between different epochs and the videos were incorporated into a dynamic stage set. It was great to work on this scripted shoot with a talented group of performers.

I subcontracted the delivery of the event to Justin at He installed a short throw projector, circular rear projection screen and took care of running the show with tight theatrical timing on the night.

Volcanoes Music Videos

Sheffield and Leeds band the Volcanoes came to me to create two videos for them. They had a small budget and made some good catchy indie/rock so we made it happen. I found the keys for an empty space in the Stag Works and we shot two tracks in a live performance scenario.
I used some sound reactive Quartz Composer graphics and O.H.P with cut-out paper projections to add animated graphics to the scene.

Gatecrasher Boxing Day at Magna

Booked again to film the massive White Party at Magna, it was a full on production.
I brought in a second camera operator with High Definition kit and used a stills camera to shoot timelapse. We captured the whole multi-room event from build to teardown.

The show included a performance from John ‘OO’ Fleming’s live act 00DB. John asked me to edit a short promo for him from this show:

This was the last job I did for Gatecrasher as they claimed insolvency (as they seemed to do every few years) and screwed me for a chunk of my invoice.

Roots Manuva at Kenwood Studio

Mr Manuva had come to live in Sheffield, married a friend and was busy making life.

He booked in a writing and recording session for his next album at the short lived but swanky Sheffield residence Kenwood Studios and asked me to be there to document some of the sessions. It was a pleasure to hang out and see through the whole of his creative process.

The Birth of ‘Jammin Crew’

One of the greatest friends I met at university is Sam Daniel, once upon a time Sam had an idea….

Photo by Chris Peake

Sam’s birthday falls between Christmas and New Years eve so for once he wanted to have a big party.
27th Dec 2005 and the idea comes together, a crew of us head down from Sheffield to meet up with Sam and his friends at a basement venue close to the end of Oxford st.

What followed is legendary amongst the friends who were there…and became a labour of love for a small group of us for the next few years. We created events at a huge range of pubs, clubs and venues around London and in Sheffield. We really should have a standalone website and archive!

S.H.I.N.E. Health Education Video

SHINE stands for ‘Self Help’ ‘Independence’ ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Exercise’. It is a great programme focussing on these very important and interlinked areas. Kath Sharman a child and adolescent therapist and the founder of SHINE contacted me to work with her group of young people to create an educational video which would create a focus for discussion amongst professionals with an interest in the prevention and management of childhood obesity.

I worked with the group over the period of a year, developing and producing the ideas alongside them and recording their activities and progress. The young people helped with all aspects of the production and hopefully picked up some video production skills and confidence along the way.

The DVD we created was screened to all of Sheffield’s youth groups in a special cinema night at a local multiplex and distributed to Members of Parliament when Kath was invited to make a presentation in Westminster.

Start-up Business Training Promo

David Hall Partnership the business start-up training provider whom had helped me produce my business plan a year or so previous came to call asking me to make a promotional video for them to use as a marketing tool.

I set about interviewing some of their previous clients with successful businesses around the city region. I edited the resulting footage into a compelling set of stories covering the full range of businesses.

Subrosa at Sheffield City Hall Ballroom

The biggest show to date with Jamie Wilkins of Scuba at the helm. We filled the three rooms of the ballroom with music and visuals for two very special events. I pulled in studio mate Anthony for main room VJ duties while I supplied visuals with Justin Randell for live performances by The Lovers, Jody Wildgoose and Mu in room 2.

The footage was shot by my friend and collaborator Mark Cohen who had invested in a Canon XL1s DV camera upon my advice. He gave me ready access to use it in many of my productions at the time and I will be forever grateful for his generosity.

2 Inspire Youth Project

The Musical Works a Sheffield based music training provider contracted my studio partner Anthony Ashton and I to document a brilliant two days of dance, music and media production workshops which culminated in a performance. It was held at the now long demolished Nelson Mandela Student Union Building.

We had a great time immersing ourselves in the activities for two days and the resulting video which I edited was used as a promotional tool.

Community Media Archive Launch

During my dissertation research for university I undertook a placement at the Community Media Association In the days before youtube when community radio and television in the UK was but an infant the team at the CMA were some of the most forward thinking people in the Sheffield media scene.

In an early attempt to create an online media archive they launched with a collection of audio and video from UK community producers which were made available for the public to download or stream.

Working alongside Justin Randell (with whom I had been collaborating on audiovisual performances since university), we were tasked with creating an exciting introduction video for the launch event promoting the new archive. There entailed a lot of trawling through content and Final Cut Pro editing. We also utilised some custom visual effects created by Justin with Max/MSP/Jitter.

custom visual effects created by Justin with Max/MSP/Jitter
Custom visual effects created by Justin Randell with Max/MSP/Jitter

Bear: Never Die

My first music video made for my housemate Chris’ band Bear. It was shot on Super 8 film and Hi-8 video. I did lots of hand colourising and scratching onto the super8 and then projected multiple layers of film onto a screen and re-filmed.
It was edited with Chris at Sheffield Independent Film on a Panasonic tape editing system in one very long night.