Splice Festival

In 2015 I was sacked from a job, dumped by my girlfriend and also given notice to leave where I was living, all within a week. Pretty bleak. I decided to turn all of that negativity into something positive, distracting and useful!

I wanted to realise a long held dream of organising an audiovisual festival. Initial plans were conconcted and emails went out to the people whom I wanted to help make it a reality. After a year of hard work and commitment from a small team of directors with huge contributions from the community of artists and volunteers Splice Festival was first staged from the 3rd to the 5th June 2016: http://2016.splicefestival.com/

and one year later: http://2017.splicefestival.com/

The final year of my involvement: http://2018.splicefestival.com/

I remain very proud of what we created together and hope to see something rise from the ashes post covid.

AV show at Electrovision

Working alongside musical collaborator Ojah we created the Heavy/Light audiovisual performance for Dr Mo‘s event at the Roxy Bar and Screen. The music was a selection of Ojah’s productions and a scattering of new music from other groundbreaking producers.

The visuals were 100% realtime audio reactive patches created with Quartz Composer. I built a standalone composition which switched between 3D scenes with individually controlled textural layers via midi control.

Hackney Film Festival

I was more than happy to pitch in when Australian born filmmaker and Hackney resident Steven McInerney pulled together a team for this cool community event. Hackney was ripe for a film festival with the abundance of creatives in the borough and the team pulled off great festivals for three years from 2010-12.

I installed the projectors for the performances and screenings and also played some audiovisual sets with Ojah.

There are loads of great photo’s and lots more info about the events programme on the Facebook page and videos on Vimeo

The Birth of ‘Jammin Crew’

One of the greatest friends I met at university is Sam Daniel, once upon a time Sam had an idea….

Photo by Chris Peake

Sam’s birthday falls between Christmas and New Years eve so for once he wanted to have a big party.
27th Dec 2005 and the idea comes together, a crew of us head down from Sheffield to meet up with Sam and his friends at a basement venue close to the end of Oxford st.

What followed is legendary amongst the friends who were there…and became a labour of love for a small group of us for the next few years. We created events at a huge range of pubs, clubs and venues around London and in Sheffield. We really should have a standalone website and archive!

S.H.I.N.E. Health Education Video

SHINE stands for ‘Self Help’ ‘Independence’ ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Exercise’. It is a great programme focussing on these very important and interlinked areas. Kath Sharman a child and adolescent therapist and the founder of SHINE contacted me to work with her group of young people to create an educational video which would create a focus for discussion amongst professionals with an interest in the prevention and management of childhood obesity.

I worked with the group over the period of a year, developing and producing the ideas alongside them and recording their activities and progress. The young people helped with all aspects of the production and hopefully picked up some video production skills and confidence along the way.

The DVD we created was screened to all of Sheffield’s youth groups in a special cinema night at a local multiplex and distributed to Members of Parliament when Kath was invited to make a presentation in Westminster.

Uhm and Ahh Cinema Screenings

Uhm and Ahh screenings were a collaboration with Greg Kurcewicz. We programmed a small series of events with a leaning towards the more conceptual and fine art end of the moving image spectrum.

Uhm and Ahh screenings as part of Sheffield Now and Then event at the Showroom Cinema and Bar Sheffield.
Sheffiled Now and Then was an event programmed by Sandman Magazine. For this event Uhm and Ahh programmed an evening in the cinema including a Premier of a Zombie feature film starring members of the band Pink Grease.
More info to be dug out…. The flyer was great, designed by The Designers Republic.