Public Health Suffolk

I worked in partnership with Suffolk County Council’s health improvement facilitator Imogen Sherwood as part of the ‘Suffolk How AreYou?’ campaign to create eye catching projections at three seasonal events in the county.
The projections were the highlight of the campaign which included extensive community outreach, traditional advertising, local Radio, TV and printed media. The campaign focussed on healthy eating, exercise and outdoor activities with the aim of improving public health and encouraging active lifestyles.
I created site specific projections which were displayed during the Christmas light switch on events in three towns. The site in Ipswich Corn Exchange was a prime location for an architectural projection mapping. I employed the talents of Gary Mellor at Blue Spec Media to help me with the large amount of After Effects animation.

Haramacy at The Albany Theatre

The multi-talented filmmaker, musician, artists and director Zahed Sultan invited me to create the stage set projections for this show at The Albany Theatre, Deptford after I spotted a post on social media looking for my skills.
The Haramacy residency program and multi arts festival was held on the 27th April 2019. The program brought together 11 artists from Middle Eastern and South Asian communities in London for a 4-day residency to collaborate and create works that would be performed on the fifth day.
I designed and fabricated the triangular screens using a mixture of rear and front projection materials. I worked with the artists to create content for the triangular screens and use the design successfully.

Regent Street Christmas lights switch-on

Working for We Make Stuff Happen as video content manager at this annual event is challenging and exciting. The schedule is always tight for the huge logistical challenge involving temporary road closures and a large crew to rapidly build the stage and ancillary equipment.
I have taken care of video content displayed on stage and sent out to the screens along the street including a tightly synchronised countdown to the switch on itself in 2018 and 2019.

Transition Video, Festivals and Concerts

I have freelanced with Transition since 2017. The first job they sent me out on was at Hammersmith Apollo to set-up a pair of projectors and screens for an Erykah Badu concert.
They have employed me as VJ for the main stage at Beat Herder Festival in 2017 and 2018, LED technician and Camera Operator for multiple stages at Parklife Festival and Manchester Pride among many other events.
Highlights shows with them have been at Wembley Arena and La Seine Musicale in Paris for a Korean boy band. While I was VJ at Beat Herder I had the pleasure to perform alongside many musical greats including one of my all time favourites Lee Scratch Perry.

Images courtesy of Beat Herder Festival

Nokia 8 Launch Event

Working for an agency called Cake I undertook the challenge of displaying the outstanding new feature of the Nokia 8 smartphone: The ‘Bothie’ dual camera function allowed users to use and display video from the front and rear camera modules of the device at the same time. The one big snag being that the device had no video output functions built in to the operating system.

A short period of research and testing resulted in success. Utilising a screencasting app on the phone in combination with a Syphon enabled screen capture app on a MacPro, we were able to capture streams from two roving phones at an adequate resolution and frame rate with minimal latency.

Due to a booking to VJ at a music festival in Croatia I was unable to be there for the delivery of this job so I left it in the capable hands of Insight Lighting, Neal Coghlan and Jules Shapter.

The venue for the event was Beat nightclub where I took care of clients large and small for a couple of years thanks to both VJ Mowgli and Sleepytom whom both had a hand in creating such a good edge blended set-up in the venue.

Cock and Bull Festival

The lovely Henry Trew whom I had got to know while he was running Dalston Roof Park had a big hand in organising this small but beautifully formed festival which raises vital funds for Jamie’s Farm to host outdoor education trips for inner-city children.

I helped out for a few years and really enjoyed adding some projections to an experimental space with a collection of artists from the studios where I worked the first year. In 2016 I designed the ‘main stage’ in the barn for the first time. I found some materials on site and constructed some organic shaped screens which hung above the stage to be mapped with projections.

In 2018 I was joined for the fun by Brendan from Insight Lighting, Gary Deepvisual and Hanzo of and we filled the barn and yard with lighting and projections for the whole weekend.

Splice Festival

In 2015 I was sacked from a job, dumped by my girlfriend and also given notice to leave where I was living, all within a week. Pretty bleak. I decided to turn all of that negativity into something positive, distracting and useful!

I wanted to realise a long held dream of organising an audiovisual festival. Initial plans were conconcted and emails went out to the people whom I wanted to help make it a reality. After a year of hard work and commitment from a small team of directors with huge contributions from the community of artists and volunteers Splice Festival was first staged from the 3rd to the 5th June 2016:

and one year later:

The final year of my involvement:

I remain very proud of what we created together and hope to see something rise from the ashes post covid.

Squarepusher for Black Box Echo

Zak Norman of Black Box Echo came to me with an interesting challenge…
He had built a show using the most impressive and cumbersome Quartz Composer patch I have ever seen and wanted me to understand it enough to be his understudy should the need ever arise.

We spent a couple of days together and I wrote an instruction manual which would hopefully be enough to let me get the show up and running. The system used structured midi data sent to QC from Ableton live which was directly synced to Tom’s laptop on stage. The twisted logic that Zak implemented ensured that every show would be individual. Before each and every performance he would input a set of localised data, such as weather conditions and city population, from these data points the programme would make choices such as allocations of colour or distortion etc.
Zak had employed the talents of the best QC programmers in the game, Anton Marini and George Toledo to create some of the generative compositions within his megastructure and it was a pleasure to see how it all combined to produce some impressive results.
Thankfully I never needed to be understudy but I did get to do one show alongside Zak at Lovebox and the instructions worked about 90% of the way. It was also nice to put a face to the name Pesh who was projectionist for this show.

Pictet Projection Mapping

Konstantinos from Urban Visuals pulled me in to make some realtime 3D animation for this gigantic projection mapping in Switzerland. It was the 210th anniversary of this historic private bank. Working alongside Brendan from Insight Lighting and Tom Wall from Blinkin Lab to generate enough content for a long show we each made individual sections in our own unique styles to build a momentum over the duration of the night.

BFI Luminous Gala

For this inaugural year of the British Film Institutes fundraising gala event The Light Surgeons tasked me with programming a realtime filmstip video effect. Quartz Composer at the ready it would be a fun job.
The Light Surgeons raided the BFI archive for suitable short action shots which were converted into small image sequences. I used the composition within Madmapper which gave me the flexibility to place each strip where ever I wished on a four H.D. projector output.
This installation was part of the reception area and an even grander installation was in place for the main event upstairs. Working with Insight Lighting to install the system with projectors supplied by QED productions was great and the 16mm projections from David Leister set the whole thing off to a tee with the authenticity only found with the smell, grain and sounds of real film.

J.W.Anderson + Nikon

Commisioned by Insight Lighting to create a custom control system for thier video mirror system to make a synchronised dynamic panorama display and dance floor lighting. Created using Quartz Composer with Kineme’s ArtNet Plugin I made a patch with controls which ran as clips with Resolume Arena. This allowed sound reactive imagery to be dynamically moved around the space and also align at set positions to create a dual output screen.

Lots more photo’s and videos on Insight’s Flickr