Another housemate at this point was Chris Smith whom I’d met while studying for my art foundation course in Chesterfield. He was a budding DJ and had landed his first club residency at an event called Scuba. It was organised by Jamie Wilkins and Chris passed the word that Jamie was looking for someone to provide some visuals….
So it began, every Saturday night for nearly five years in the small venue of the Fez Club. Sheffield’s best DJ’s were on a monthly roster and we hosted many touring and international guests.

For the visuals I started with a pair of Eumig Super 8 film projectors and a Kodak carousel with a lunchbox full of home made loops and slides. The venue had a few moving mirror lights and I enjoyed flashing them along with the music.

I was given a budget to create content which varied from 8mm film loops and 35mm slides, some digital animations and an occasional VJ set using my first Apple G4 computer. At some point we bought a set of old Black and White TV’s which we sometimes hung precariously from the ceiling with chains.

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