Sharrow Festival VJ Workshop

Sharrow Festival asked me to provide a children’s workshop. This was the first VJ workshop that I was to lead. It was held at Highfield Children’s Library in the heart of Sharrow. It was also my largest projection to date, we covered the large arched window with rear projection fabric and projected for two nights over the festival weekend. We hired a big projector from Lumen in Leeds as there were none available in Sheffield at the time.

The young people created some colourful hand drawn stop frame animations and then learned how to mix and layer them with other clips and control them with a midi keyboard in the VJ software Neuromixer. They also got hands on with digital photo and video cameras.

Some of my favourite feedback came from the Library manager whom was awoken by a call from the local police after they had received reports of a ‘rave’ in the library after midnight due to the projection! Luckily he was able to see the funny side.

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