Animation Workshop

I was employed by Suffolk Connexions (Youth Service) to deliver animation workshops and to document the residency that they had organised for a large group of young people from across four counties of South East England. It was part of a scheme called Positive Activities for Young People.
The group of young people were not attending mainstream education or training (N.E.A.T). We were accommodated at Crystal Palace sports centre where a range of workshops including performance, animation and music were combined with a huge range of physical and team building activities over four days.
The aim of the residency was to devise the perfect curriculum and to gather information and feedback which would be delivered direct to the national youth service leadership via the various productions from the workshops.
We created an animation with a mixture of collage and hand drawn stop frame animation expressing some of the challenges and joys of being a young person. We chose to set it to music by one of my favourite HipHop artists of the time Ty’s ‘Wait a minute’.

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