Takeover at The Royal Festival Hall

I must have done something right at the first show because they invited me back to work on the finale of the Emerging Artists in Residence project at the Royal Festival Hall on the 27th February 2009.

It was a huge show with hundreds of individual participants and 16 live acts in one night. I worked with the musicians to create content to fit with each set and mixed live feed cameras onto a massive projection filling the back of the stage.

I hired a Vixid video mixer from Deepvisual for the first time which gave me unrivalled layering modes for the live camera feeds. I directed 3 camera operators for the duration of the show while simultaneously cuing and VJing graphic and video content.

As an added little extra I brought in the superb Prickimage to supply his Walkabout projection kit and roam around during the interval projecting onto the surroundings while transmitting a wireless camera feed to the screen in the auditorium.

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