Nokia 8 Launch Event

Working for an agency called Cake I undertook the challenge of displaying the outstanding new feature of the Nokia 8 smartphone: The ‘Bothie’ dual camera function allowed users to use and display video from the front and rear camera modules of the device at the same time. The one big snag being that the device had no video output functions built in to the operating system.

A short period of research and testing resulted in success. Utilising a screencasting app on the phone in combination with a Syphon enabled screen capture app on a MacPro, we were able to capture streams from two roving phones at an adequate resolution and frame rate with minimal latency.

Due to a booking to VJ at a music festival in Croatia I was unable to be there for the delivery of this job so I left it in the capable hands of Insight Lighting, Neal Coghlan and Jules Shapter.

The venue for the event was Beat nightclub where I took care of clients large and small for a couple of years thanks to both VJ Mowgli and Sleepytom whom both had a hand in creating such a good edge blended set-up in the venue.

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