BFI Luminous Gala

For this inaugural year of the British Film Institutes fundraising gala event The Light Surgeons tasked me with programming a realtime filmstip video effect. Quartz Composer at the ready it would be a fun job.
The Light Surgeons raided the BFI archive for suitable short action shots which were converted into small image sequences. I used the composition within Madmapper which gave me the flexibility to place each strip where ever I wished on a four H.D. projector output.
This installation was part of the reception area and an even grander installation was in place for the main event upstairs. Working with Insight Lighting to install the system with projectors supplied by QED productions was great and the 16mm projections from David Leister set the whole thing off to a tee with the authenticity only found with the smell, grain and sounds of real film.

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